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Missouri Attorneys Gary Cover & Wesley Hilton

About Cover & Hilton Law

Have you been injured? Have you been accused of a crime? Are you facing a divorce, child custody fight or other family law issue?

You can count on Gary Cover and Wes Hilton, attorneys at law – practicing in Henry and surrounding Central Missouri counties, from offices in Clinton & Lebanon, MO for over 35 years – to help you through any of your legal issues.

Gary and Wes have an enviable record of practicing law in the areas of vehicle accidents, personal injury, wrongful death, wills, liability, medical malpractice, bankruptcy, criminal law, commercial law, divorce, child custody and other family law or criminal offenses.

Our attorneys use their knowledge along with a personable approach to communicating with our clients in order to make the legal experience as comfortable as is possible. Whether you are facing a civil or criminal matter, we are here to assist you in presenting your case.

Cover & Hilton Law, LLC is a locally owned law office. Our two offices have an excellent staff that is qualified and competent to handle any type of case.

Feel free to make an appointment or contact us with your legal issues.

We serve Henry County, Cass County, Johnson County, Pettis County, Benton County, St. Clair County, Bates County, Laclede County and the communities of Clinton, Lebanon, Windsor, Warrensburg, Harrisonville, Garden City, Urich, Adrian, Butler, Appleton City, Montrose, Lowry City, Osceola, Warsaw, Lincoln, and Cole Camp, MO.

areas of focus include divorce, bankruptcy, business litigation, wills, deeds & child custody

Law Firm w/ Offices in Lebanon & Clinton, MO



Divorce, child custody, paternity, prenuptial agreements – we can handle any of your family law needs, make sure your rights are vigorously defended and your children’s best interests are protected.



Our attorneys have extensive experience in financial & business law-related areas like bankruptcy, contracts, malpractice, product liability, mergers, acquisitions, immigration issues and corporate litigation.



Have you been injured by the negligence of others? We are here to help you through this difficult and life changing event.