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We Care About Your Family Law Issues and Will Work to Protect Your Family

Our Family Law Attorneys Will Help You Through

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Over the years our attorneys have served to protect the rights and the futures of individuals and families undergoing many difficult issues.

More than just a “legal process,” divorce is one of the most serious issues in law, affecting millions of people each and every year across the United States. A marriage doesn’t simply dissolve with the signing of papers and we know that it may be one of the toughest things you’ll ever face. Each of our clients receives the best possible representation and attention that we can give them.

Family law really is different here, and we’d like to show you how. It all starts with a phone call to one of the experienced attorneys at Cover & Hilton Law.

What to Expect When You Come to us as a Client
Rest assured we will provide the highest level of service and understanding. We will meet with you personally and handle the case ourselves, rather than turning it over to another attorney with less experience. Too many divorce attorneys forget that it is a service we provide for you, our clients – and that we are here to meet your needs especially in your time of hardship. When you contact us, you will be talking with an experienced divorce lawyer whose practice is dedicated to handling sensitive and often emotionally charged divorce and family law cases.

We Will Work to Resolve Issues Rather than Create Issues.
Our goal is to help you come to a resolution that will allow you to put your troubles to rest and move on in peace with your life. For those of you with children, this is particularly important. You and your spouse will be dealing with each other for the rest of your lives. You do not want to be the people that cannot be in the same room together, or require two separate receptions for their children’s wedding.

Serving All of Missouri as Divorce Lawyers, We See the Effects of Divorce Firsthand.
We know the emotional benefit of the right lawyer is immeasurable. We will attempt to come to a resolution without exacerbating the feelings of grief, anger, resentment and pain that is inevitable in these situations. We always believe that the amicable solution is the best possible solution for everyone involved. When negotiations and mediation fail, we will thoroughly prepare your case for aggressive litigation, should that become necessary.

There is Great Flexibility for Coming to Resolutions in These Matters.
We strive to find creative solutions that reduce conflict and maximize the outcome in a situation where no one is really the winner. In reality, there are no “winners” in a divorce case, but neither party has to be considered a loser.

A good attorney will educate you. Beginning with our first meeting, we will give you the information you need that will help empower you about the process of divorce. This includes how the law may affect you, and what you might expect as far as spousal support (alimony), child support, and property and debt division.

We believe in returning your calls personally, within 24 hours during normal work days. Divorce issues do not rest on weekends; we monitor all weekend calls as well and will be in touch with you as soon as possible.


We do not churn attorney fees or attempt to generate attorney fees where it is not necessary. We charge by the hour with a true retainer fee at the time we sign a contract for services. A true retainer fee is one that is refundable; however, the retainer that we request is less than the predicted actual cost.

We will provide you with a general estimated range of what the case will eventually cost after our initial consultation. Most divorce lawyers, family law attorneys or matrimonial lawyers will not.

Take a positive, confident step for your future.

If you need legal counsel for a divorce or family matter, do not hesitate. Get answers to your questions and find out how we can help. Call now for a free consultation.